After Builders Clean


If you are looking for reliable after builders clean services, look no further than BFA Cleaning. Our experienced after builders cleaners will thoroughly clean your property. We can carry out full decontamination where necessary, as well as remove all traces of dust and dirt left by construction workers. We will make sure your property looks clean and tidy from top to bottom – even if there has been extensive building work done on-site.

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After Builders Cleaning Service

At BFA Cleaning, we can clean up after your building project is complete. Our experienced post construction cleaners will ensure that every inch of your newly built or refurbished premises looks clean and fresh. After a construction project, there will be excessive dust and other kinds of grime everywhere, including cement dust, plaster on windows, and paint on wooden floors. That’s why we are here to help!

After Builders Cleaners


The mess you find around the building site will be cleaned up during our after builders cleaning process: particles and dust from masonry work, plaster from walls and ceilings, paint from the woodwork, and many more. We also remove all construction materials such as screws, bolts, and nails. Our cleaners make sure that your workplace is in top shape at the end of every construction or refurbishment job. We have a fantastic reputation, and we are renowned for our professionalism, diligence, and competitive prices.




Call 0207 118 1748 to discuss your requirements, or alternatively, email You can also chat with one of our team via live chat on our website.

After Builders Cleaners