We are BFA, a full-service commercial cleaning company that embodies traditional values like professionalism and reliability while modernising the industry one technological advancement at a time. Our teams specialise in tailored services to perfectly meet our client’s needs. Each member of our team is fully trained to carry out a variety of cleaning tasks, using the best methods, products and equipment to achieve a first-class finish every single time. We also offer some of the most competitive rates for commercial cleaning, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Whether you’re a large, established company or a small start-up, look no further than BFA to meet your commercial cleaning needs.

Incredible Service

When it comes to commercial cleaning services in London, BFA lead the way. We provide first-class commercial cleaning for companies in a wide range of sectors, with our team going the extra mile to finish every job to the highest standard.

A clean and hygienic workplace not only enables a business to make a great first impression but also increases productivity and helps retain customers.

Our Work

Experts in commercial cleaning solutions

We have worked hard to truly offer our clients a level of service unrivalled by our competitors. We have worked tirelessly to develop our bio cleaning products to reduce our chemical footprint and be 67% chemical-free throughout our portfolio. We also use state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. We will continue to innovate and define the industry standard for incredible services.

A clean and hygienic workplace not only enables a business to make a great first impression but also increases productivity and helps retain customers.

A Tailored Service

Our tailored approach and systematic working practices have gained us a reputation for outstanding service. Many of our clients have been with us for several years thanks to the consistent quality that we deliver. We’re proud to be the first choice for commercial cleaning in Surrey, helping businesses of all sizes keep their premises clean and hygienic around the clock.

Accept your quotation through our client's portal and receive updates and service progress until completion.

Tailored Clean

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