The leading resin flooring installers in your area

BFA specialises in resin flooring installation in London & Surrey, serving businesses in various industries throughout the southeast. We have a wide product range, offering mortar, decorative pebble and self-smoothing floors as well as various coatings.

Resin flooring is a type of durable plastic surface primarily made up of synthetic resin and a seperate hardener. If you require more hardwearing industrial flooring, the resin floor will need to be thicker, which means adding extra components such as aggregates. As a leading resin floor installers, we can supply and install the flooring to meet the demands of your business.

Several types of resin floors are available:

Resin screed is eminently suitable for industrial buildings, slaughterhouses, commercial kitchens, workshops and locations where high demands are placed on floors regarding their mechanical load-bearing capacity, chemical resistance and hygiene. Resin floors are a lot more durable than many other flooring types, ensuring that they’re able to withstand plenty of wear and tear over the years. They are also quick and easy to clean, which is vital if there is a lot of dirt and dust to contend with. Even chemical spills can be dealt with relative ease on resin floors.

A significant advantage of a polyurethane-based floor is its high elasticity. Polyurethane-based floors are also less susceptible to crack and are sound-insulation thanks to their flexible composition. They are ideally suited to use in homes, schools, stores, laboratories, hospitals, printers, canteens and museums.

Epoxy-based floors are a better alternative for heavy-duty purposes, as they are more challenging and more wear-resistant. Epoxy is the best-known and most widely distributed resin flooring solution for industrial settings. Made up of epichlorohydrin (epoxy) and amine (hardener), they are recognised for their durability and high performance. Epoxy flooring bonds to the existing subfloor, providing fantastic protection.

Various resin flooring solutions to choose from

At BFA, we have the perfect solution for either epoxy- or polyurethane-resin flooring, subject to either light- or heavy-duty usage. We have countless options and finishes available, and we only use the very best products which have been developed based on decades of expertise and experience. An extremely high level of workmanship is guaranteed, whichever of our resin flooring solutions you opt for. If you’re not sure which flooring option is right for you, simply talk to our team. We offer you expert advice that’s tailored to your needs and budget, helping you to select the perfect flooring for your commercial premises.



High-quality resin floor installation

Resin floors are used by businesses in a wide range of industries, demonstrating their versatility. Whatever sector your company is in, you can rest assured that resin flooring is an investment worth making. Not only will quality resin flooring benefit your business due to its impressive ability to withstand the high demands of an industrial environment, but it also looks the part.

Even if your industrial environment isn’t always seen by customers or visitors, it’s essential that the floor looks professional and well-maintained at all times. High-quality flooring can help you to make a great first impression.

To arrange a resin floor installation Surrey or London, contact our team today.


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