Contract Cleaning

Don’t settle for less when it comes to contract cleaning services. At BFA, we provide professional contract cleaning services in London and Surrey. We aim to offer you a seamless cleaning service that caters to your specific business needs. Our award-winning service allows you and your staff to focus on your business without worrying about keeping your premises clean and tidy. We guarantee a spotless workspace that helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees and is representative of the quality you offer your clients.

We will tailor our service to your schedule, cleaning reception areas, meeting rooms, offices, kitchens, and washrooms to the frequency you require.

Office Cleaning

As one of the leading contract cleaning companies in Surrey and London, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy and professional business environment. As every business is different and has its own image to uphold, we tailor our service specifically to meet our client’s individual needs. We ensure that our exceptional service is maintained by implementing daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedules.

By offering a full array of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning and washroom hygiene services, all your cleaning requirements can be catered to.

Priya Chawla

“I am delighted with the cleaning service we are received from BFA. As well as offering an excellent weekly cleaning service, they have been accommodating in organising additional tasks such as last-minute carpet cleans and a reliable feminine hygiene service. We have used a few cleaning companies over the years, but it is true when they say they offer a full and professional service.”


As well as a professional daily cleaning service, we can offer our customers a housekeeping service. One of our fully trained cleaning operatives will keep critical areas within your office tidy and clean throughout the day, helping your staff to work more efficiently and allowing you to maintain a professional image. Waste materials will be removed, and floors will be kept free from slip and trip hazards, ensuring a safe environment for your staff and visitors.

Window Cleaning

Don’t ignore the importance of regular window cleaning for your commercial premises. Keeping your windows from dirt and debris can improve the appearance of your premises, helping you to maintain a professional image. Our contract cleaning services can include window cleaning, with our experienced and fully insured operatives on hand to clean your windows to the highest standards. Our team use water-fed poles and the necessary safety equipment to access windows at height, allowing us to serve high buildings such as tower blocks. We also carry out internal window cleaning using traditional methods.


Floor Care & Maintenance

As part of your contact with us for daily cleaning, we can also build into your contract maintenance care for your stone, wooden and vinyl floors.

Our treatments include scrubbing and buffing floors to a shiny finish, stripping and re-polishing wooden floors, and applying a protective seal to guard against damage. These treatments have enhanced the appearance of many establishments and resulted in several satisfied customers.

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Washroom Hygiene

There is no need to worry about your legal obligations concerning washroom health and safety, as these are covered when you work with us.

To meet UK legal requirements, all-female washrooms should have a suitable means of Sanitary Disposal. Sanitary Disposal Service helps you dispose of sanitary waste safely, environmentally conscious way.

All products are available in a wide range of options, styles and sizes to meet your requirements, and waste transfer documents are supplied as standard.

  • Sanitary Bins for feminine hygiene
  • Toilet Vending machines
  • Air Freshener Systems
  • Urinal cubes and sanitisers
  • Sharps and Clinical Waste bins

Our team provides a discreet, efficient service that is reliable.



Waste Management

BFA is an environmentally conscious company. We offer an integrated waste management service.

Our highly qualified staff will manage all of your waste management needs:

  • Mixed Recycling
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Confidential waste
  • Issues about legislation

Using our waste management and recycling programme, your company can become a more sustainable and environmentally responsible organisation. We can generate reports that demonstrate your company’s commitment to recycling while showing how much waste is generated.

waste management


Contract Supplies

As part of your daily cleaning contract with us, we can also supply and manage your office consumables to keep your office running smoothly.

Toilet paper, Hand towels, Air freshener, Hand soap, Hand dryers.

Dishwasher tables, Rinse aid, Centre-feed roll, Catering supplies, Washing up liquid.

contract supplies



The main aim of the T.U.P.E. regulations is to protect the employment rights of individuals when the company they work for is sold, or their employer loses the contract they are employed to work on.

In simple terms, it allows them to transfer over to the new incoming service provider on the same employment terms and conditions as they already enjoy.

This is a situation that is often encountered when companies want to change their cleaning service provider. Some find it confusing if the main reason for the supplier change had been the incumbent operative’s poor performance. It would be reasonable to expect that a company change would also mean a difference in the actual cleaning operative.

However, because these regulations aim to guarantee the operative’s continued employment, this may not happen. So, they usually end up with the same cleaners that caused them to look to change in the first place because it is forced upon them by the TUPE regulations.

However, the innovative BFA system can sometimes overcome this situation, leading to a much more satisfactory resolution.