Professional office cleaning contractors

At BFA, we can provide professional office cleaning services in London and Surrey, helping to keep your workplace clean, tidy and hygienic. Our team have been cleaning offices of all sizes for many years, building our expertise along with a fantastic reputation across the region. We’re proud to count many national companies and small independent businesses as our clients.

Investing in office cleaning services can benefit your organisation in many different ways. Creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for your staff to work in can protect health and wellbeing, boost productivity, and enhance your professional image, helping your business to succeed on a variety of fronts.

Creating a clean and hygienic workplace

As one of the leading office cleaning companies in London and Surrey, you can expect to receive a first-class service every time. At BFA, we’ll leave no stone unturned, cleaning everything from employee workstations to reception areas, meeting rooms, washrooms and kitchens. From dusting surfaces and disinfecting door handles to vacuuming carpets and polishing floors, we can carry out a full range of cleaning services.

We can also offer anti-viral fogging if required, helping to kill viruses and bacteria in your workplace and keep your staff healthy. This can reduce employee absences and increase productivity, ultimately helping to strengthen your company’s bottom line. More and more businesses are investing in this service to help prevent the spread of the highly transmissible Covid-19 virus.

We use the most effective techniques along with the most powerful cleaning products and equipment, ensuring the best possible results can be achieved. We aim to achieve a clean and hygienic workplace for your business, with only the highest standard of cleaning delivered. Our cleaning team are fully trained and undertake regular training to ensure their knowledge and skills remain up to date.

Minimising disruption to your business

At BFA, we can tailor our services to suit your requirements, creating a cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your business and minimises disruption. Whether you want a one-off deep clean or daily cleaning to keep your workplace spotless at all times, we can assist. We can work early mornings, evenings, and even weekends to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Whatever your requirements when it comes to office cleaning, we can assist. Talk to our team to discuss your cleaning needs today.

Book office cleaning in London or Surrey today

Since a clean office environment is such an essential component of a modern, effective organisation, it makes sense to hire one of the leading office cleaning companies in the area. Outsourcing your cleaning needs can benefit your business in so many ways, from enhancing the health and safety of your employees to protecting your professional reputation.

To hire our experienced office cleaners, get in touch today. Call us on 0207 118 1748 or email us at We can discuss your requirements with you and create a cleaning regime that meets the needs of your business perfectly.



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