Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, sanitises, deodorises, stain protects, then heat dries every type of carpet. It’s all in the same process, and because it is patented, nobody else can use this fantastic cleaning system.

By taking all the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, “Shot of Steam”‘), the best parts of dry cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation), and the Dry Fusion Machine combining them with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fires as they are being cleaned, we can achieve some of the most outstanding results ever seen.

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Maintain your great reputation

Professional carpet cleaning can transform your business premises. As well as improving the appearance of your workplace, it can also achieve a healthier environment, reducing the likelihood of your staff becoming sick.

Dirty carpets can be very off-putting and can damage your reputation. If you frequently welcome visitors into your space and they see a dirty carpet, they may start to wonder if your company is worth doing business with. A dirty carpet can cause people to suspect you are failing in other areas of your business too. If you’re aiming to seek funding, a potential investor may think twice if your work environment isn’t looking as clean as it could be. Customers may also decide to head elsewhere.

Professional carpet cleaning is essential for many businesses, particularly those that experience high footfall. Don’t risk your reputation taking a hit due to dirty carpets – call BFA today and hire our experienced carpet cleaning operatives.

Blocking Stains

Blocking Stains is a unique additive that helps block dye sites in the fibre, preventing food spills and beverages from becoming ugly stains. When re-cleaned with Dry Fusion – using the “shot of steam”, most colours are removed without spotting or special effort. At BFA, we’re proud to be one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the area. Our carpet cleaning service makes the most of the latest technology, making sure we achieve a fantastic finish for your floor every time.

Keep your team healthy with professional carpet cleaning services

Another reason why it’s so important to take care of your carpets is that your employees’ health could be at risk if you don’t.

Dirty carpets can cause people to fall ill due to the way they often harbour dust, dirt, bacteria, mould and mildew. A badly maintained office or other workspace can also be bad for workplace morale and make staff feel less motivated than they would be if your business premises is cleaned and maintained properly.

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