Bio-Fogging and Bio-Misting for Commercial Premises

Bio-fogging and Bio-misting have become increasingly popular in recent years. Amongst the most critical cleaning and disinfection methods, they can be extremely useful for protecting the health and wellbeing of staff and customers. Importantly, they can provide complete peace of mind that the building they are working in or visiting is free of viruses, bacteria, spores, and mould.

At BFA, we specialise in antiviral sanitising and disinfection in London and Surrey, serving businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. We’ve gained a fantastic reputation across the Southeast, with many companies choosing us due to our professionalism and affordability.

Bio-Fogging and Bio-Misting Services

Bio-fogging is ideal for deep cleaning high-risk environments such as hospitals, doctor surgeries, offices and care homes. Bio-fogging and bio-misting will protect employees and customers in all environments, making them less likely to become sick from a virus or bacteria. The disinfecting solution we use in our bio-fogging service is fully approved and has been shown to destroy 99.99% of viruses (including the Covid-19) and many different types of bacteria. 100% organic, it’s made from only three components - water, salt and electricity.

Our bio-fogging services achieve consistently fantastic results, making us the first choice for antiviral sanitising and disinfecting services.

Cost-Effective Sanitising Cleaning Services

When you choose BFA to disinfect your commercial premises, you can expect to receive a service that’s not just effective and eco-friendly but cost-efficient too. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the region. Businesses of all sizes and across several industries are using our services regularly to keep their site’s clean, hygienic, and safe for their staff and customers. Bio-fogging can reassure people that your site is free from viruses and bacteria that could make them sick, making them more likely to visit. This makes it a fantastic investment for your business.


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