Protect against COVID-19

BFA stocks a range of independently tested products that provide long-lasting protection against COVID-19 – up to 30 days on surfaces, even after routine cleaning, and up to 24 hours on the skin (hand sanitiser).

These products also protect against other deadly viruses such as Norovirus, E. coli, MERS and MRSA. These products can be applied by wiping, spraying or bio-fogging / bio-misting.

They will protect employees and customers in all environments.


Hand Sanitisers

We provide water-based, alcohol-free, advanced hand sanitisers that can maintain total protection for up to 24 hours against all known germs and leave the skin feeling smooth.

The hand sanitisers require only one application spray per day, instead of traditional alcohol-based sanitisers that need repeated re-application every time a contaminated surface has been touched, often resulting in dehydrated skin.

This is because our sanitisers form a protective barrier on the skin that resists penetration of other transient microbes for up to 24 hours. By contrast, traditional sanitisers will kill microbes at the point of use. Still, once the skin is dry, they offer no residual protection when the skin of the hand next comes into contact with a contaminated surface.