Why is Commercial Carpet Cleaning Important?

Why is Commercial Carpet Cleaning Important?

Mass foot traffic, traipsing in mud and dirt, matted carpet fabrics, general wear and tear and a multitude of spillages, if you own or manage a commercial property, your carpet has probably been exposed to all of the above. Whether you own a retail outlet, a hotel, a restaurant, a casino, office blocks or any other commercial run space, you have a duty to ensure the property is clean and safe for customers, visitors and guests. Commercial carpet cleaning works differently from domestic hoovering. From removing stubborn dirt and infestations to keeping your carpet in good condition and extending its life, commercial carpet cleaning has huge aesthetic and health advantages. 

So, why exactly is commercial carpet cleaning so important for your business?

Pest Control

Many well-used carpet areas can risk stubborn mites if not cleaned regularly. Many professional-grade cleaning companies will use a robust steam cleaning and hot water extraction service to rid your carpet and property of microscopic bugs or insects that can infest, and cause debilitating allergens, bacteria and other health problems. 

Company Integrity

Reputation is key to the success of any business. Delivering a clean and welcoming atmosphere when your customers walk through the door makes an instant impression. A clean carpet can transform a room, by improving the air quality with thorough steaming and shampooing; professional services can lift stains, remove stubborn odours and reduce the risk of infectious diseases from becoming airborne. A clean space can make the difference between a returning customer and good word of mouth or an off-putting space and brand damage. 

Reduce Health Risk

Providing your staff with a healthy and safe space to work is crucial when you run a business. At the very basic level, it encourages strong productivity and positive morale. It fundamentally reduces the risk of staff being sick due to dust, diseases, mould and particle pollution caused by unclean carpets. Your business can struggle to function if staff sickness causes shortages or delays to your service. 

Good commercial cleaning organisations can work around your business by providing flexible working hours, thorough carpet cleaning and expert solutions; you can increase the life performance of your carpet and save money on early replacements. 

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