How To Clean Resin Flooring

How To Clean Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is a popular option for homes and commercial businesses, offering both aesthetic and practical value. Made of resin materials mixed with quartz or other pigments, this hard wearing material can provide a low-maintenance finish and vibrant colours that match almost any interior design. 

Resin flooring has many advantages over traditional options. It is stain-resistant, can be applied with no disruption to your lifestyle and provides better safety features, with increased slip-resistance compared to tiles. It is also easy to clean, requires no sealing or finishing, and is far more durable than its alternatives. 

Investing in a professional cleaning service can be invaluable for those looking to achieve a clean and beautiful look. A professional will clean your resin flooring and polish it to a high standard, ensuring a sparkling and attractive finish. Professional cleaning services also offer additional benefits, including an extended floor lifespan, faster drying times and more hygienic spaces.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning resin flooring:

  1. Sweeping: Preparing the floor for cleaning with effective sweeping is vital. Professionals use an industrial sweeper to remove debris such as leaves, dirt, and sand from your floor. This is especially important in outdoor areas, where leaves and other debris can collect and cause slippery conditions.
  2. Vacuuming: Vacuuming with a powerful machine is also recommended, as it removes dirt and dust particles which can scratch the resin surface.
  3. Mopping: Mopping is one of the best ways to ensure that your resin floor is immaculate. Be sure to use an appropriate cleaning solution designed for the floor material, and use a wet mop to get the job done.
  4. Tricky spots: Apply a sealant to the surface to create a barrier from staining and extend your floor’s life. Use a cloth dampened with cleaning solution for hard-to-reach places, including corners and grout. If you hire a reliable professional, they will have tried and tested products, techniques and equipment to ensure a thorough finish. 
  5. Drying and finishing: Drying your floor after cleaning is as important as the cleaning itself. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe up excess water and ensure the floor is completely dry. Finish using a microfiber cloth or mop to buff the surface, creating a beautiful, streak-free finish.

Whether you are planning to undertake a DIY project or looking for the help of a professional cleaning service, these steps should give you a clear outline of the process required to get your resin flooring sparkling again.

With the proper cleaning techniques and professional service, your resin floor can look great and last years. So if you want to maintain your beautiful flooring, contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services.